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Know Your Candidate (Part 2): Olga González Knows Struggle. That’s Why She Wants to be Kissimmee’s Mayor.

The Floricua city commissioner never imagined being part of the political arena after surviving a serious accident and a few evictions. Now she’s running for mayor.

Know Your Candidate (Part 1): Jackie Espinosa Wants to Be Kissimmee’s Mayor. Here’s Her Vision for the City.

The business owner is one of six candidates running for the mayoral chair in the Florida city. Two more candidates are also Puerto Rican women.

Dr. William Félix’s Journey From Treating High-Performance Athletes to COVID Patients

The Puerto Rican sports physician traveled the world with the NBA. When the pandemic hit, helping COVID-19 patients became his calling in life.

Denise Diaz - Floricua- Jobs for Justice
Floricua of the Week: Activist Denise Díaz Hopes These Protests Actually Lead To Real, Much-Needed Change

Meet the co-director of Jobs With Justice in Florida who's been standing up for the rights of Latino and Puerto Rican workers for the past 13 years.

Ramon Puig-George Floyd
Ramon Puig Knew George Floyd. This Is What He Saw At The Minneapolis Protests.

The Puerto Rican is a regular at the restaurant where Floyd worked as a bouncer, and couldn’t believe how he had died after subdued by the police.

The Miami restaurant giant mural is at the center of the Puerto Rican Flag controversy.
Floricua of The Week: How Chef José Mendín Kept His Bandera

Puerto Rico’s brightest culinary superstar never forgets where he came from.