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130,000 Newly Naturalized Citizens Could Decide the Georgia Senate Runoffs

As the state votes in January to determine control of the US Senate, Latino voting power becomes critically important.

Puerto Ricans-US-Voting
Puerto Ricans in the US Are Ready To Vote in the Presidential Election, Poll Says

Most of those surveyed disapprove of how Trump responded to the pandemic.

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Puerto Ricans in Florida Could Decide 2020

With 1.2 million Puerto Ricans in the Sunshine State, nearly one in five Hispanic people in Florida is Boricua.

Witnessing Injustice Made Lisa Marie Hernández a Warrior for Reproductive Rights

The activist is dedicated to women’s reproductive rights and the fair treatment of Puerto Rico and its people.

Trump and Biden Are Waging an All-Out Ad War en Español

Trump and Biden's ad war is on. They are making an ambitious bid for Latino voters by speaking en su idioma. But how effective are they?