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Florida: Notes from the Front Lines of Our Post-Reopening COVID Future

How do you "reopen" when you've never really closed? And what effect will all that freedom have on all our lives? This is how my quarantine in Florida is.

Crew working on a ship
100,000 Cruise Ship Workers Stuck At Sea

International crew members remain stuck at sea as they wait to find out when they’ll be going home. Some are no longer being paid.

Mayor of Kauai
Hawaii Mayor Uses Card Tricks and Dancing to Keep Constituents Entertained During Curfew

To break the boredom of isolation, the politician posts videos on social media (dancing included!) to the delight of his constituents

Graphic via Tania Lili for The Americano
Introverts Thought We Were Ready for Isolation. We Were Wrong.

A new poll found that roughly two-thirds of Americans say they felt nervous, lonely, or hopeless recently. One self-described introvert shares her story.

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Photo Essay: Is the World Catching Up to Venezuela?

Shortages, closed business, collapsing health care, what coronavirus brought to some developed countries has been a reality in Venezuela for a long time.

Quarantine Diaries Bogota
I’m a Millennial Only Child Taking Care of My Parents

The flip side of being an only child in the coronavirus lockdown in Bogota: a crash course in becoming a caretaker of divorced, aging parents.

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Domestic Violence Is Surging Due to Quarantining. Here’s What Lawmakers Are Doing to Help.

A group of lawmakers are seeking more funding to help a system of resources that's already strained.