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Schools Often Ignore Gifted Black and Latino Students. Here’s What Needs to Be Done.

“Little has been done that actually addresses this as a systemic issue that is discriminatory and hurtful to entire populations of youth.”

Our Lucha Will Never Be Over

Others might want you to stand down, avoid the good trouble: your family, your friends, the Supreme Court. As if you could.

Racism In Our Education System Must Be Torn Down. Here’s How You Can Demand It.

With 1 in 3 public school students projected to be Hispanic in the near future, Latino parents and leaders must demand an anti-racist education for all.

12 Things you Should Stop Saying About Racial Injustice

A primer for non-Black folks who —finally — want to talk about racial injustice.

Latinos solidarity to African Americans
Latinos Could Save this Country. But First, we Must Conquer our Racism Against Black Americans.

In spite of being the two most powerful voting minorities in the U.S., African Americans and Latinos have a common enemy. Hint: It is not each other.

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Georgia Father and Son Charged With Murder in Killing of Ahmaud Arbery

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced in a news release that Gregory McMichael, 64, and his 34-year-old son, Travis McMichael, had both been arrested on charges of murder and aggravated assault.

afrolatinidad and the colorism argument, latinos, black, colorism
I Used to Identify as Afrolatina. Here’s Why I Was Wrong.

"I grew up thinking I was black because of my nose, and lips, and hair. I am Latina. I am mixed and the term Afrolatinx does not refer to me."