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Pope Francis Has Strong Words for Anti-Maskers and COVID Deniers

The pontiff called that behavior indicative of people “incapable of moving outside of their own little world of interests."

Latino Leaders: GOP Is Enabling Trump’s ‘Ideology of White Supremacy’

"Make no mistake: bigotry is on the ballot this November," said one of the leaders.

Colonialism is Racism Carlos Diaz
Colonialism Is Racism, Something That Puerto Rico Knows Too Well

The Black Lives Matter movement has created the moment to rethink the country's racist and discriminatory patterns against its territories.

Radio Host Who Told Latinos to Speak English Dropped From Broadcast Station

The pro-Trump radio host, with thousands of followers on social media, was let go from her radio program after yelling at Latinos for speaking Spanish.

U.S. Marines
NASCAR and the U.S. Navy Also Just Banned Confederate Flag

A shift in the perception of the Civil War-era symbol seems to be solidifying among the armed forces, following the demonstrations against police brutality.

All the Messed Up Things Steve King Said About Latinos That Got Him Kicked Out

Goodbye and good riddance to this Iowa legislator, a man who repeatedly said awful things about Latinos and Black people for more than 18 years.

12 Things you Should Stop Saying About Racial Injustice

A primer for non-Black folks who —finally — want to talk about racial injustice.