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Virus Outbreak Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Faces Worst COVID Spike in 3 Months

On Monday, 204 new COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Puerto Rico after the long weekend, the highest number in the past three months. The first case in a long-term elderly care facility also surfaced.

Businesses Are Reopening, But Unemployment Is Still Rising

About 41 million Americans filed for unemployment and that suggests businesses are failing or permanently downsizing, economists warn.

Covid-19, Florida, Lockdown, Reopening
Florida: Notes from the Front Lines of Our Post-Reopening COVID Future

How do you "reopen" when you've never really closed? And what effect will all that freedom have on all our lives? This is how my quarantine in Florida is.

Trump ‘Optimistic’ As Experts Predict Rise in Coronavirus Related Deaths

Despite the president’s optimism, Jeffrey Shaman, a leading epidemiologist claims that "this is not where we want to be."

Virus Outbreak Unequal Beaches
The Grim Reaper Just Showed Up On A Reopened Florida Beach

Miami-Dade is the epicenter of Coronavirus cases. Luckily, this man from Walton County is doing his part to convince people to at least stay six feet apart.

Donald Trump,Ron DeSantis
Despite 32,000 Coronavirus Cases, DeSantis Meets Trump To Discuss Reopening Florida

1 in 5 Coronavirus cases has been found in elder care facilities in Florida but DeSantis continues to follow Trump's advice to reopen the state soon.