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Trump and Biden Are Waging an All-Out Ad War en Español

Trump and Biden's ad war is on. They are making an ambitious bid for Latino voters by speaking en su idioma. But how effective are they?

Why Trump Is Moving the RNC to Jacksonville, Florida

In an unusual move due to the COVID-19 crisis and pressure from President Trump, this year’s edition of the party meeting will take place in two states.

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Voting by Mail in Fl Is Safe, Despite Trump’s Tirades

Experts on election administration say there is no basis for the President's concerns of voter fraud. Here's how you can vote by mail.

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Wonder Why Trump Doesn’t Want You to Vote by Mail? This Is The Reason.

Despite Trump’s dire warnings of fraud, vote by mail keeps gaining public support in Florida, especially among Hispanics.

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Nearly 1 in 4 Republicans Don’t Want Trump as the Republican Nominee

The new poll comes from Trump's favorite pollster.

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Republicans Denied Puerto Rico Life-Saving Supplies. But Now They Want to Know If Vázquez Is Corrupt.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) sent a letter to the governor questioning local response to COVID -19, in spite of Trump administration's notorious lack for support for the U.S. territory.

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11 GOP Governors Still Refuse to Issue Stay-at-Home Orders

The surgeon general has recommended every state do so to reduce spread of the coronavirus.