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How Latinos Helped Ossoff and Warnock Win Georgia—and Change the Future of America

The Georgia Senate runoff elections gained two new Democrat senators, and Latinos, despite being a small portion of the population in Georgia, had a lot to do with flipping the state.

Latino Organizations’ Wish for the Reyes Magos? Get Latinos to Vote in Georgia!

Expert says Latino, Black, and Asian communities will be decisive in Tuesday’s runoff elections.

Latino Pastor: For the Love of God, Vote in Georgia Senate Runoff Elections

"I implore Georgians of faith, and of course, those with no faith at all, to trust and engage in this voting process," the Rev. Guillermo Arboleda said.

Latinos Are Key to the Georgia Senate Runoff. But Is Democratic Outreach Falling Flat?

“Folks don’t really understand there is a runoff,” Maria del Rosario Palacios, who founded Georgia Familias Unidas, said. “They say, ‘No, no, no, I voted in November. I’m good.’”

17-Year-Old Venezuelan American Helped Register 65,000 Georgians

A Latino teen co-launched Students for Tomorrow to help register thousands of Georgians to vote in the presidential election, and they did it again for the Senate runoff elections.

INTERVIEW: Julián Castro Says the Future Depends on Democrats Winning in Georgia

"No matter where I am or what I am doing, I am always going to use my voice to support the Latino community and help elect people who I believe will expand opportunities in our country to include Latinos and everybody else."

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Pearl Jam Team Up for Latino Voter Push in Georgia

The Georgia Senate runoff election results will be a defining moment that will set the stage for the incoming Biden administration and the country.