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She Closed Her Flower Shop After 36 Years. There Are 100,000 Small Business Owners Just Like Her.

Diana Limon, a small business owner, is closing her flower shop after 36 years in business because of the pandemic and economic crisis.

Jeff Bezos Amazon First Trillionaire in the world
Amazon’s Jeff Bezos May Become World’s First Trillionaire as Small Businesses Drown

For its indispensability, Amazon is the perfect e-commerce company during a pandemic, and thanks to COVID-19 sales have rocketed. But what happens to small businesses struggling to survive this crisis?

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PHOTOS: Latino Business Owners Struggle to Stay Afloat

Recent surveys show that Latinos struggle to receive Coronavirus relief money to keep their businesses alive amid the pandemic. We spent a day at a mostly Latino-owned shops street mall. This is what we saw.

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Small Businesses Warn Loan Program Is Not Enough to Help Them Rehire Employees

The Paycheck Protection Program promises a business owner loan forgiveness if they retain or rehire all the workers they had in late February. But owners say the equation isn't so simple, in part because of current economic conditions and partly due to the terms of the loans.

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This Woman’s Story Shows What a Failure the Government’s Small Business Bailout Has Been

Less than two weeks after the Paycheck Protection Program opened on April 3, the program Laurel Hess applied to for help had all but run out of money.

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Pennsylvania Shuts Down All ‘Non-Life-Sustaining’ Businesses Over Coronavirus

Wolf said his order would be enforced by state troopers, local officials, the state Health and Agriculture departments and the Liquor Control Board.