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2020 BET Awards: How Beyoncé and Michelle Obama Spoke Up to Demand Social Justice

The three-hour pre-taped show highlighted the Black Lives Matter movement, the importance of voting, and celebrated Black culture.

How Jorge Pérez Is a Force in the Puerto Rican Community

After living in Orlando for more than 30 years, the inspector reflects on how the problems faced by the Latino community have evolved.

Ramon Puig-George Floyd
Ramon Puig Knew George Floyd. This Is What He Saw At The Minneapolis Protests.

The Puerto Rican is a regular at the restaurant where Floyd worked as a bouncer, and couldn’t believe how he had died after subdued by the police.

Black Female Mayors Meet the Moment With Leadership Amid Pandemic and Protests

Meet the seven Black women serving as mayors in the nation’s 100 most populous U.S. cities, compared to just one in 2014. Yet, no Black woman has ever served as governor in the U.S.

Puerto Rico - Wanda Vazquez
UPDATED: Puerto Rico’s New Civil Code: Here’s What’s Really In It

Gov. Wanda Vázquez will announce tonight if she will sign the new bill, which was approved without public hearings. Here are the most controversial changes.

Protests - White House - George Floyd
A Tumultuous Weekend Marks the Beginning of June Between Violence and Virus

The scale of the coast-to-coast protests rivaled the historic demonstrations of the civil rights and Vietnam War eras.A

Police officers and protesters clash near CNN center, Friday, May 29, 2020 in Atlanta. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart)
This Is How You Can Help Demand Justice for George Floyd and Others Like Him

If you can't attend a protest demanding justice for George Floyd but want to get involved, here are other ways to help support the movement.