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Don’t Believe Every Wild Internet Story. It’s Probably a Conspiracy Theory, Analysis Shows.

Latinos—specifically Spanish-speaking residents of South Florida—are now getting bombarded with political conspiracy theories via WhatsApp, Facebook, and radio.

Latinos Use Social Media for COVID-19 Resources More Than Average Americans

From information about testing sites to financial support and food donations, Latinos are looking on Instagram and Facebook for help.

I Used to Write Commercials for the U.S. Army to Recruit Latinos. I Wouldn’t Do It Today

The early nineties were a very different time to tell you 'Be all you can be.' Here's what has changed in appealing to Latinos with a career in uniform.

Think You Know What Latinos Are Watching? Think Again.
Think You Know What Latinos Are Watching? Think Again.

Negatively represented, curious Wikipedia readers, and avid YouTube watchers, Latinos want to be entertained when it comes to media consumption.

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How to Make Friends and Influence People With Memes

Internet pop culture is not only fun and games. It can also sway public opinion and spawn political resistance.