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Joven no puede continuar estudios debido a desventaja que tienen estudiantes que no hablan inglés en Florida

Natalia Mejía ha perdido su primer año de universidad, por no poder tomar el examen ESOL en su idioma natal.

May 2021 Be the Year People Stop Calling Latinos ‘Spanish’

Latinos may speak Spanish, but they are not Spanish, in the same way that Americans are not English. So why do some people use the terms interchangeably? It's complicated.

Latinas Win Settlement Against Trump Administration After Being Detained for Speaking Spanish

Two Latinas in Montana sued the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for illegal detention after an agent heard them speak Spanish.

WATCH: The Politicization of Reggaetón

Can reggaetón, currently one of the most popular music genres in the world, be political? This video explores the notion of music as a political statement.

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Coronavirus Resources in Spanish: Where to Find Ayuda

Although the White House has been slow to provide information to those who don’t speak English, here's a list of organizations that have done their part to help Spanish speakers.