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Jill Biden Shows Solidarity With Puerto Rico’s Teachers and Healthcare Workers

The First Lady sends compassion and support to people on the island, who have deal with great challenges from the pandemic, especially those in Guánica, which were affected by earthquakes.

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Despite Pleas, DeSantis Says Teachers Are Not a Priority to Get Vaccinated for COVID

To a devoted Puerto Rican second grade teacher in Florida's hard-hit Orange County, this news comes as no surprise.

70+ Teachers Leave Broward Schools as Union Blasts ‘Relaxed’ Social Distancing

"We are seeing classrooms with 25 students, 20 students, with not six feet of social distancing," said Ana Fusco, Broward Teachers Union president.

Pandemic Fallout Is Taking a Serious Toll on Latinos’ Mental Health

In a CDC survey, Latino respondents reported more symptoms of depressive disorder, suicidal thoughts, and anxiety than any other ethnic group.

is my kid learning anything
Has Coronavirus Forced You to Become Your Kids’ Teacher? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Latino parents see their role in education as taking care of values while teachers take care of knowledge. COVID-19 has forced education roles to change, raising concerns about learning loss.

Teacher pay is key to satisfaction and staying in the field
Overwhelmed Parents Are Showing New Appreciation for Teachers

Teachers in the U.S. are more likely than other professionals to balance multiple jobs to make a living. It's Teacher Appreciation Week. Here's how we can thank them.

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All Puerto Rican Students Will Pass to Next Grade as Schools Remain Closed

The Education Department’s decision raises a red flag for parents and experts.