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For This Trans Salvadoran Woman, Voting for the First Time Affirms Her Identity

Alexa Elizabeth Rodriguez is a first-time voter in the 2020 presidential election. She’s been waiting for this moment for ten years.

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Dominique Fells and Riah Milton: The Latest Victims in the ‘Epidemic of Violence’ Facing Trans People

Fells and Milton’s deaths represent at least the 13th and 14th violent killings of transgender or gender non-conforming people in the United States in 2020, according to the Human Rights campaign.

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Biden on Trans Killings in Puerto Rico: ‘It’s Our Moral Obligation to End This Epidemic’

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee also denounced the violence in Missouri, where 10 LGBTQ people have been murdered

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How Layla Peláez’s Family Helped Catch Her Killers

“Layla’s sister gave the policemen the video and they found them. That gave me great relief,” said her grandmother. “But it won’t bring my girl back.”

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Why The Murder of Serena Velázquez and Layla Peláez Is First Official Hate Crime in Puerto Rico

The defendants of the trans women will be processed by federal authorities, presenting a very different legal picture for them than if the case was handled by local authorities.

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Even a Pandemic Can’t Stop the Trump Justice Department From Attacking Trans Rights

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference allows transgender athletes to compete as the gender with which they identify. Attorney General William Barr disagrees with the legality of that policy.