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AOC, Judge Salas, and Vanessa Guillén: 3 Attacks, No Coincidence

Ignore the role race plays in acts of violence against women, and we miss the chance to call out language that aids and abets turbo-fueled hate aimed at punishing women of color for daring to wield power.

An Eighth Soldier Has Been Found Dead at Fort Hood

Last month, another soldier was found dead in the same lake.

Vanessa Guillén’s Family Told Trump They Don’t Want a Military Funeral

Trump offered to pay for the funeral but was informed the military would be covering the cost.

The Fight for Justice for Vanessa Guillen Is Just Starting — and Her Family Is on the Front Lines

Texas Rep. Sylvia García, along with supporters, gathered for a rally in Washington, D.C. to support the #IAmVanessaGuillen bill.

IN PHOTOS: Latino Artists Paint Murals to Demand Justice for Soldier Vanessa Guillén

Meet the three Latino artists demanding 'Justice for Soldier Vanessa Guillén' and honoring her life by painting murals in Texas.

Fort Hood: Seventh Soldier from Base Where Vanessa Guillén Was Stationed Found Dead

Rep. Sylvia García (D-TX) has called on an independent investigation into Fort Hood and the murder of Guillén.

#IAmVanessaGuillén: Why Women Are Sharing Their Stories of Assault in the Military

Since Vanessa Guillén’s murder, a number of women are sharing their own stories of sexual harassment or assault while they served in the military.