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20 Years After Leaving Venezuela, She Will Finally Vote for the First Time

Becoming a US citizen "was one of the best days of my life," said the new voter who left Venezuela as a child.

Calladitas No More: This Young Venezuelan Fights Misinformation in the Name of Unity

Dilianna Bustillos grew up in Venezuela during difficult times, so she has experienced firsthand what it feels like to be in a divided country.

Gema María Duarte, a native of Nicaragua, currently lives in the Philadelphia suburbs. (Courtesy of Gema María Duarte)
I Vote with ‘My Native Nicaragua on My Shoulders’

Gema María Duarte sees many of the same authoritarian characteristics in Donald Trump that she sees in Daniel Ortega, Nicolas Maduro and the Castros.

Cubans and Venezuelans Are ‘Worse Off’ Under Trump, Biden Says

Biden blasted the president for doing "nothing to advance democracy and human rights" in those countries.

Image via AP/Matias Delacroix
Ex-Green Beret: I Tried To Overthrow Venezuelan President Maduro

A former Green Beret has taken responsibility for what he claimed was a failed attack Sunday aimed at overthrowing Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

Venezuela coronavirus shortages lockdown
Photo Essay: Is the World Catching Up to Venezuela?

Shortages, closed business, collapsing health care, what coronavirus brought to some developed countries has been a reality in Venezuela for a long time.

Virus Outbreak Venezuela Party
Sex, Drugs, And Virus: Venezuela Elites Still Party As Pandemic Rages

While millions of Venezuelans struggle with an already broken health system and a pandemic, Maduro's aides and relatives choose to show off their privilege.