Here’s How Long Puerto Rico’s Curfew Could Last

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By Cristy Marrero

April 17, 2020

With more spikes to come and low testing, the Health Department Secretary is recommending to extend social distancing measures.

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico’s curfew could extend until early June, according to Health Department Secretary Lorenzo González.

Three weeks ago, González said that according to the projections, the island would have spikes in the week of April 15 and the first week of May. Yesterday, he said that it was very likely that the social distancing measures will be extended.

“I am saying that our curfew is going to be modified, and we should think that we will see a little more flexibility, maybe at the end of May, beginning of June,” González said in an interview with the radio station Radio Isla.

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The secretary explained that his calculation is based on the United States projections, where the curve is expected to flatten in early June. The economic sector and the workers expressed concern for the potential impact of this measure, as the problems with the unemployment benefits system continue to pill up.

The Labor Department does not have the capacity to attend the calls. Before coronavirus, they usually got 100 a day, and now, they get a 10,000. Last week, Briseida Torres, secretary of the Labor Department, said that they will increase the call center staff. Yesterday, a bigger call center opened, but people in social media complaint about the lines being busy and the calls dropping after four hours waiting.

When asked about the lack of testing, Gov. Vazquez seemed confident about her approach.

“The United States has 328 million population. Their government has tested 2.6 of its citizens that is less than one percent. We are going to take it to logic here. We are 3.2 million or 3.1 according to the projection. Right now many hospitals have tests available. Why are they available? Because there are people who do not have symptoms and don’t have the need to seek that assistance. Therefore we are going to continue making and distributing the tests. And I also have to emphasize that we are the only jurisdiction in the United States, with four forms of screening at the airport, ” she said on a news conference on Thursday.

She also reiterated her interest in continuing as a candidate for the upcoming elections.

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