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I’m a Hospice Nurse. Here’s Why I Chose to Step Away From the Job I Love During Coronavirus.

"I didn’t sign up to go into battle without battle gear. What good is it going to do if we all soldier on and get sick?

Elderly Arizona
Elderly Arizonans Are Isolating to Stay Alive—And It’s Killing Them

As stricter measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus are put in place, Arizona’s most vulnerable are finding themselves increasingly more alone.

Homeless Man
Homeless Advocates Are Stepping Up to Help Vulnerable Florida Population

More than 23,000 people sleeping in the streets every day and a late response from DeSantis to Coronavirus. Floridians step up to do what the government hasn't done.

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Mike Pence Says Trump Never Downplayed The Coronavirus Threat. Here Are 19 Times He Did.

Despite the vice president's claim, Trump downplayed the virus for weeks, saying he had it under control even when he didn't.

Coronavirus cases top 200K
There Are Now More Than 200,000 Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus in the U.S.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the number of Americans confirmed to have COVID-19 had reached 206,207.

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Floricua Of The Week: How A Latino Respiratory Therapist Protects Himself And Others

For Adalberto following protocol to avoid coronavirus is a social duty of every citizen.

Venezuela Opposition
U.S. Outlines Transition to Lift Venezuela’s Sanctions

The Trump administration wants opposition leader Juan Guaidó and Nicolas Maduro to step aside to create a transitional government.

President Donald Trump speaks in front of a chart about the coronavirus. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
Trump Says No To Healthcare As Millions Lose Jobs

The decision not to reopen the federal health insurance marketplace came down the same day the president announced a forecast of up to 240,000 deaths due to coronavirus.