About Us

Floricua is brought to you by The Americano, the only news site focused on politics ever created by Latinos for Latinos. And this is something we don’t take lightly. We have a strong focus on what we call the “Deep South” with local coverage in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Texas, and Puerto Rico.

Floricua and The Americano are owned and operated by Courier Newsroom, a progressive media company owned by the non-profit ACRONYM.

Facts and first-hand sources are our north star, and we work to expose misinformation in all its forms. We believe the key to a strong democracy is an informed Latino electorate and that the decline of local news around the country, and the lack of issue-based content that reports on what matters to our community, has negatively impacted civic engagement. We are investing in our people when we invest in local journalism and storytelling that is thoughtful, informative, and relevant.

Through original reporting and human-focused storytelling, we highlight the issues and forces that shape our lives while calling attention to the impacts of policy-making and political action at the local level, wherever Latinos are.


Cristy Marrero, Editor-in-Chief (Brooklyn)

Erica Landau, Social Media Editor (Brooklyn)

Giselle Balido, Editor (Miami)

Mivette Vega, Reporter (San Juan)

Araceli Cruz, Content Producer (Savannah)

José M. Simián, Editor/Video Scripts (Brooklyn)

Desirée Tapia, Graphic Designer (Brooklyn)

Marcelo Báez, Video Editor/Host (Manhattan)

Jorge Clar, Proofreader/Translator (Manhattan)

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