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The Sábado Gigante character should have gotten rid of moderator Chris Wallace, the congresswoman suggested.

The first 2020 presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden ended after an hour and a half, but perhaps it should have ended sooner—or at least have had a moderator that could stop the President from constantly interrupting his rival Joe Biden. At least that’s what Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) expressed in a now-viral tweet.

“Someone call el chacal de la trompeta on Chris Wallace because this is very much an ‘y fuera’ situation,” the congresswoman tweeted, disappointed with the incapacity of the FOX News anchor in controlling Trump. 

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Rep. Ocasio-Cortez was referring to a popular character featured on the record-breaking Spanish-language television show Sábado Gigante. The weekly variety show, hosted by Don Francisco, had an amateur talent segment, in which the masked-character known as El Chacal would blow his trumpet to get the performers who were not of his liking off the stage. The audience, just as AOC remembers, would join in with the chant “Y Fuera!” (“Get out!”). 

Racism and White Supremacy

The Bronx native tweeted throughout the debate, including when the “issue of race” was brought up—a label she put into question. “Can we please stop calling it ‘the issue of race’ when what we’re really discussing is ‘the issue of racism’,” she tweeted.

The criticism grew stronger in one of the most talked-about moments of the night: when Trump was asked to condemn white supremacy on multiple occasions, and he refused to do so, even saying to neo-fascist group Proud Boys to “stand by.”

“Donald Trump is a white supremacist,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “People have been warning about this for a long time. They were ridiculed, called hyperbolic & radical—not because they were wrong, but because others couldn’t accept that our country elected a supremacist as President. This is fascism at our door.”

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Former Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro also saw Trump’s refusal to condemn the group as a telling of the president’s character. 

“Of course Trump can’t condemn white nationalists and supremacists,” Castro tweeted. “He is one.”

The former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development didn’t refrain from commenting on Trump’s unruly tactic. 

“This isn’t a debate,” Castro tweeted. “It’s toddler Trump throwing a tantrum.”

It appears as if American voters agree. Polls showed that the public viewed Biden as the winner. A CNN poll showed 60% saying Biden had won, and 28% saying Trump had been the winner. A CBS poll showed 48% of viewers declaring Biden the winner, versus 41% for Trump.

The next debate in the calendar is between Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris on Wednesday, Oct. 7, in Salt Lake City, Utah.