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The show was a reboot of the 1975 sitcom and was on the air since 2017 before being canceled.

After 46 episodes and two network changes, “One Day At A Time” is officially canceled. The sitcom reboot that first premiered in 2017 on Netflix had a rocky span due to low ratings, but the show continued because of fan feedback on social media

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On June 27, 2019, the Pop network announced that it would pick up the series. Unfortunately, on Nov. 24, 2020, Pop said it would be canceling the show after the fourth season. Sony Pictures TV said it would try other networks. Yesterday, however, it was announced that the show could not find another network. 

“It’s officially over,” creator Gloria Calderón Kellett tweeted. “There will be no new @OneDayAtATime episodes. But there will always be 46 episodes that we got to make that live FOREVER. Thank you to this beautiful cast. Our dedicated crew. And to you, our loyal fans. We loved making this for you. Thank you for watching.”

The show, which was a reboot of the 1975 sitcom developed by Norman Lear, was praised for being a positive representation of Latinos. Several studies show that Latino representation is virtually nonexistent, and the TV and film projects that do feature Latinos depict them as stereotypical characters. 

One fan tweeted, “#ODAAT got me and my mom through the hardest days between 2017 and 2018 as my mom went through cancer. Our mantra became ‘one day at a time.’ Seasons 3 & 4 came exactly when I needed them & helped me through my moms death. @everythingloria and @MikeRoyce, thank you for saving me.”

Screenwriter Dan Hernández tweeted, “All things must pass, I suppose, but I hope that ODAAT’s legacy of inclusiveness and Latino/x specificity will outlive the four short years it was on the air. As a Cuban-American, the fact I was at ground zero of this show will always mean more than I can say.” 

The show was nominated for several awards. In 2020, the show gained an Emmy. Legendary actress Rita Moreno, who played Lydia Margarita del Carmen Inclán Maribona Leyte-Vidal de Riera (yes, that was her full name!), was also nominated several times. In 2019, Moreno won a Best Supporting Actor Vulture Award. 

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Fans will still be able to see their “One Day At A Time” stars. Isabella Gómez, who played Elena, will play the lead in the “Head of the Class” reboot pilot currently in the works at HBO Max, according to Variety. Moreno will be in the new Steven Spielberg film “West Side Story.”