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‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law Under Fire: Lawsuit Charges It Violates Federal Laws

The suit seeks to stop the implementation of the divisive law and argues that it was enacted to shame and silence LGBTQ children and families.

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Florida’s Largest School District  Rejects Sex Ed Textbooks

Miami-Dade County school members and parents said the material is not age-appropriate for students in middle and high school

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School Districts Are Working Hard to Fill School Teacher Shortage

With nearly 9,000 vacancies around the state, the career does not seem as attractive as before.

DeSantis Pushes for Conservative School Board Candidates Who Align With his Political Agenda

Candidates endorsed by DeSantis include a councilman who promoted QAnon conspiracy theories and questioned the reality of the pandemic, and a teacher who opposes Critical Race Theory.

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DeSantis Pushes Civics Program That Some Teachers Call ‘Christian Fundamentalist’

The training emphasized that it was a “misconception” that the “Founders desired strict separation of church and state,” and ending school prayer was characterized as unjust.

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Florida Rejects 54 Math Books Claiming Critical Race Theory 

Florida did not include 54 of the 132 submitted textbooks on the state’s list. This represents a historic rejection of 41% of the books submitted for review.

Florida House of Representatives Approves Controversial, Unpopular ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

Opponents of the bill call it a hateful attack on the state’s young LGBTQ population, which already faces greater risk of self-harm and suicide.