Trump Has Deliberately Targeted Immigrants During the Pandemic. These 13 Policies Prove It.


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By Araceli Cruz

July 27, 2020

From denying DACA applications to forcing meat-packing plants to remain open, Trump has targeted immigrants even more so since the start of the pandemic.

President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration agenda began way before his 2016 election. In the summer of 2015, Trump hurled offensive assaults against Mexicans and the Latino community when he referred to them as “rapists” and “criminals.” His anti-immigration plan preceded him into the White House and did not let up — but only worsened during the coronavirus pandemic

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When Trump finally acknowledged that COVID-19 was on American soil, he revved up his anti-immigration agenda. Instead of focusing on his COVID-19 response — which has led to more than 4 million infected and almost 150,000 deaths — the president has attempted to thwart immigrant lives.

“There have been many anti-immigrant moves in 2020 that are guised as measures to respond to the pandemic but have nothing to do with protecting American health or creating jobs for Americans,” attorney Sophie Alcorn, founder of Alcorn Immigration Law, said in an interview with The Americano. “This is basically just the excuse that the administration needed to justify many xenophobic and racist anti-immigrant measures that they’ve been waiting for the excuse to unleash. It’s based on racism and political gain with vulnerable voters in the upcoming election.”

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Here’s a list of policies that the Trump administration introduced starting in March — the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. 

Alcorn said the government’s push to reopen amid a pandemic, not providing basic protection for essential workers — many of whom are Latino — further shows how the Trump administration does not care about immigrants.

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“This is another hypocritical and racist tactic that jeopardizes the health of essential workers,” Alcorn said. “Let’s face it, there’s probably a large chance that many of these individuals that are vulnerable and essential workers are undocumented. Doing this is further evidence of their financial exploitation goals by the administration that are completely without regard of human life or human safety.”


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