Drive-Thru Citizenship Ceremonies Ease Backlog, But People Worry Delays Will Prevent Them From Voting

Federal immigration agency is slowly getting back to approving new citizenship applicants, but many more face delays which could have a serious effect on the voting outcome in the presidential election.

These Latino Lawmakers Visited a Detention Center in Texas. What They Saw Horrified Them.

Meet the Latino representatives urging ICE to release immigrants from detention centers to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Adelanto ICE center detainees.
‘They’re Treating Us Like Animals’: Detainees Say Disinfectant Used by ICE Is Making Them Sick

The disinfectant, which has proven toxic, should only be used outdoors or in a well-ventilated area, according to the manufacturer’s own safety standards.

Image via Keyvan Antonio Heydari for The Americano
Dreamer Farmer Erwin Hernández Celebrates DACA Decision ‘With Caution’

The Oaxacan who has been in the U.S. for two decades under DACA is cautious to celebrate the ruling. This is what the Florida farmer — previously featured in our Voices of the Workers series — has to say.

Being a Dreamer Is Traumatic. But I Turned Fear Into Action.

The founder of Arizona-based immigrant-support organization Aliento reflects on how to transform trauma into hope and action.

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What it Means to Be Undocumented

SCOTUS' decision against Trump's bid to end DACA comes as a victory for the 650,000 young immigrant DREAMERs. While this may be a great relief for most, being undocumented in America can be extremely isolating.

Inside the Lives of DREAMERs Waiting for the SCOTUS Decision

'The uncertainty is killing us,' says a trailblazing Dreamer interviewed by The Americano. Her entire life depends on a Supreme Court decision.