Floricuas Matter More Than Ever. That’s Why We’re Here.


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By Cristy Marrero

August 18, 2020

Hola, Floricuas:

If you are reading this, it means you have already given us a vote of trust and confidence. ¡Muchas gracias 🙌 ! 

If you are wondering why we chose to name our first newsletter on The Americano “Floricua,” it’s simple: Because if you know what the word Boricua stands for—and you’ve ever lived in Florida or Puerto Rico—you get us. 

Floricuas now account for a third of the entire Latino population in Florida. One out of five LatinoAMERICANOS in the Sunshine State is a puertorriqueño! And that, my friends, is what we call Puerto Rican power 🇵🇷 + 💪! Especially, as we rapidly approach this crucial election for all of us.

WATCH: Floricua Features a Combination of Hyperlocal News and a Bicultural Immigrant Lens

But while Floricuas have existed for three generations now, there is still a lot we can do at the polls. As of the 2018 Midterms, there are close to 700,000 Floricuas registered to vote. Of those, only half have ever exercised that right. What happened to the rest? The main reasons many of us aren’t registered is a lack of enthusiasm and a misunderstanding of how the American electoral system works. So, that’s where we come in!

We will report on the issues important to Puerto Ricans in Florida and on the island. When you visit Floricua you will find anything from the economy, education and jobs to current affairs on the island, while we also break down how the electoral system works, and how Floricuas can make it work for them.

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As a fellow Boricua and former Floricua, I want to ensure that our almost 1.2 million Boricua brothers and sisters in Florida know how powerful our vote is. And that those on the island can rest assured that we’ve got their backs and will vote because they can’t.

Starting today, you will be part of our community and we promise to keep you well informed of all the news Boricuas care about. 

Gracias por leernos. ¡Seguimo’!

Cristy Marrero, Editor-in-Chief at The Americano + Floricua

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