You Have a Right to Voting Information in Spanish. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Federal law establishes that minority groups must have access to electoral materials in their native language. In Florida, 32 counties have been sued for not complying.

Joe Biden with supporters
How Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” Plan Will Help Latinos and Other People of Color

The fourth and final part of Biden’s economic recovery proposal aims to “deal with systemic racism and advance racial equity in our economy.”

UPDATED: This Map Shows Where and Who Coronavirus Has Hit the Hardest This Week in Florida

As 257 new fatalities are announced on Friday, Florida breaks a death record for the fourth consecutive day.

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The makeup artist tried to avoid infection, but still caught COVID. Ensuing financial instability has kept him from his dream of buying a home.

Trump and Biden Are Waging an All-Out Ad War en Español

Trump and Biden's ad war is on. They are making an ambitious bid for Latino voters by speaking en su idioma. But how effective are they?

Trump Needs to Win Florida. He’s Currently Behind Biden

The Republican incumbent is behind Biden nationally and has not led a poll since March in right-leaning Florida.

Florida Quietly Reimposes Food Stamp Work Requirements in the Middle of a Pandemic

The mandate was issued without a previous announcement from the Department of Children and Families or from the state’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.