Bad Bunny and Alejandro Fernández Are Joining the Biden Campaign


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By Mivette Vega

August 28, 2020

Two new campaign ads targeting Latinos merge the lyrics of songs with messages of disappointment in Trump.

Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, has two new allies in Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny and Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández. The music of the two stars is now part of two campaign ads that target the Puerto Rican and Mexican communities.

One ad, released on Friday, shows some of President Donald Trump’s more controversial gestures, such as him throwing paper towels to the public during a visit to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane María. Bad Bunny’s song “Pero Ya No” (“But Not Anymore”) plays in the background, while the lyrics say, “I used to like you, but not anymore.”

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The ad with Bad Bunny’s music was specifically created for Latino voters who might have supported Trump in 2016. They are part of Biden’s campaign efforts to appeal to the largest Latino communities in the United States, which are located mainly in the three key swing states. Previously, the Biden campaign circulated ads using different Spanish accents to target specific demographics.

According to CBS, the new ads represent part of a $26 million advertising buy from the Biden campaign this week, including a two-minute message that aired on national broadcast networks Thursday night during coverage of the Republican National Convention (RNC). The message was strategically placed as counterprogramming to Trump’s renomination speech. 

Recent polls show Biden maintaining a wide lead over Trump among Latino voters nationwide, but a narrower advantage in several swing states. 

A CBS News poll shows that in Texas and Florida Biden has about the same level of Latino support as Hillary Clinton did in the 2016 election. Trump barely won Florida in 2016 with a 1.2% margin over Hillary Clinton.

The spot featuring Bad Bunny’s music is being broadcast in Florida and Pennsylvania, states with critical Puerto Rican voting blocks. 

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The Biden team is airing the ad with Fernández’ hit song “Decepciones” in Arizona, a state with a large immigrant population. The song plays alongside video footage of Trump discussing U.S.-Mexico border security, as well as his comments on undocumented immigrants from July 2015, when he launched his presidential bid.


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