Joe Biden
Joe Biden Wins Democratic Primary in Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans now account for a third of the Latino electorate in Florida. Could the results of the symbolic primary on the island increase Biden's support amongst Latinos?

13-Year-Old Becomes Youngest to Die of COVID in Puerto Rico

The teenager, a resident of Caguas who went to the hospital with an upset stomach, lost her life to COVID.

UPDATED: This Map Shows Where and Who Coronavirus Has Hit the Hardest This Week in PR

New coronavirus cases are on the rise and the recently-appointed Secretary of Health is getting a salary increase of almost $10,000 a month. Here's what's happening in PR this week.

Norberto Fonseca Floricua
Norberto Fonseca Delivers 75,000 Pounds of Food Every Month to Families in Need

The executive director of a senior center in Kissimmee devotes his life to helping others, especially Puerto Ricans in Central Florida—a community facing many challenges.

Why Puerto Rico Is Really Pissed At Forbes Right Now

The local government reopened the island to travelers on July 15, despite the increase in COVID-19 during the last few weeks. An article by Forbes encourages people to travel to the island 'a promising antidote for current trouble times.'

Know Your Candidate (Part 3): Lisandra Román Says Being Accessible to Kissimmee Communities Is Her #1 Priority

The Puerto Rican entrepreneur will run against five candidates for the mayoral chair of Kissimmee. Two contenders in the race are also Puerto Rican.

Yet Another Political Scandal Is Rocking Puerto Rico. Here’s What We Know.

Gov. Wanda Vázquez denies any connection between finding out she’s being investigated by an independent special prosecutor and asking the now-former Secretary of Justice to resign.