Federal Prosecutors Are Ramping up Efforts to Tackle Corruption in Puerto Rico

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By Mivette Vega

October 20, 2020

The head of local federal prosecutors said he has assigned attorneys to investigate corruption, including money laundering, violent crimes, suspicious financial activities, and child pornography.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—W. Stephen Muldrow, United States attorney for the Puerto Rico federal district court, confirmed on Monday the White House has requested that his office focus efforts on investigating corruption on the island.

Muldrow said Peter J. Brown, White House special representative for Puerto Rico disaster recovery, asked for his agency’s investigations to focus on those efforts. “We have coordinated and continue to coordinate a lot with [Peter] Brown in the sense that I know the White House and Rear Admiral Brown are supporting our efforts in that area,” Muldrow said at a roundtable with journalists, while discussing his first year of service as Puerto Rico federal district attorney.

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The also head prosecutor said the work of federal attorneys will continue with its focus on investigating money laundering, violent crime, suspicious financial activities, state offenders who possess illegal firearms, and child pornography.

Muldrow said he has discussed White House initiatives with Brown over the course of several meetings. 

The US attorney did not speak about specific cases being dealt with, but reported his assignment of additional staff to corruption investigation.

“I am not talking about whether we are investigating or have pending matters,” Muldrow told reporters. “You can assume there are other investigations because we are allocating many resources in that direction.” 

The head attorney did not disclose whether there will be further government employee arrests before the general election.

“I can’t say when we will see results, but there will be results,” he said.

Muldrow urged government employees with information on corruption to call the local Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) offices at 787-987-6500.

The attorney added that Attorney General William Barr is aware of what is happening on the island. At a recent meeting, federal officials spoke about anti-crime initiatives.

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According to police reports, the island is currently experiencing a wave of violent crimes related to drug trafficking.

Muldrow reiterated that the White House, Brown, and the secretary of justice have all agreed that in addition to zeroing in on corruption, cases involving violent crime, child protection, and terrorism are also being handled.




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