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58% of Americans Support Voting By Mail. But Republicans Are Fighting the Idea.

A new poll shows 58% of registered voters support letting people vote from home during the pandemic, but Republicans have vocally opposed the idea.

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11 GOP Governors Still Refuse to Issue Stay-at-Home Orders

The surgeon general has recommended every state do so to reduce spread of the coronavirus.

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Americans Figure Out Their Own Coronavirus Response While Trump Admin Minimizes Pandemic

Donald Trump continues to minimize the growing COVID-19 outbreak, even as the number of confirmed cases in the United States surpasses 1,000.

Colleges and universities closing because of coronavirus
All the Universities Closing Down Due to Coronavirus

A number of schools across the country are also canceling athletic events and study abroad programs as the number of COVID-19 cases grows.

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Trump Administration Added Climate Denial Language to a Bunch of Scientific Reports

A 2017 study led by a researcher at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research — like many studies before it — found that climate change would hurt crops, not help them.