Florida coronavirus map
UPDATED: This Map Shows Where Coronavirus Cases Are Spiking in Florida

Florida adds 3,650 new cases. Plus: The CDC calls dining out one of the “riskiest activities” during the pandemic.

Florida Orders Some Counties to Hide Data as COVID-19 Cases Spike in School-Age Children

Because the state ordered some counties to keep health data secret citing privacy issues, parents in parts of the state don’t know if the outbreaks are related to their schools.

Cubans and Venezuelans Are ‘Worse Off’ Under Trump, Biden Says

Biden blasted the president for doing "nothing to advance democracy and human rights" in those countries.

Joe Biden
3 Ways Joe Biden Plans to Expand Social Security Benefits

The former vice president is proposing a plan to shore up Social Security that would raise minimum benefit amounts for lifelong workers with low incomes.

Florida Coronavirus Map
UPDATED: This Map Shows Where and Who Coronavirus Has Hit the Hardest This Week in Florida

As of September 4, 51,961 children have tested positive for COVID-19 in Florida. Cases increased after schools opened in some parts of the state.

Restaurants in door opening in Miami-Dade
Multiple Studies Now Show Coronavirus Can Spread in the Air

As Miami-Dade restaurants open for indoor dining, new research published on Tuesday offers new evidence the disease can spread in the air.

Republicans Against Trump Launch Project Called “Orange Crush”

The group wants to reach Republican voters, some of them life-long conservatives, who “are disgusted by the current administration.”