Vanessa Guillén’s Mom Tells Gloria Estefan: ‘It Was All a Cover-Up’

The family of Vanessa Guillén said on "Red Table Talk: The Estefans" that they still have many questions regarding her murder at Fort Hood base.

Army Officials Finally Agree to Take Action on Locating Missing Soldiers

Previously, if a soldier didn’t report for duty, army officials would note their absence as "absent without leave" or "AWOL."

Trump Speculates Gold Star Families Could Have Given Him COVID-19

"You know, they all came up to me," Trump said about the Gold Star families and his recent COVID diagnosis.

Texas Honors Vanessa Guillén on Her 21st Birthday

The organizers want to remember the Fort Hood soldier "as the beautiful, powerful, and warrior she was and still is."

Military Suicides Increase
Military Suicides Have Gone Up 20% This Year. Here’s How Army Leaders Plan to Address That.

Army leaders said troops have been under pressure for nearly two decades of war. Those deployments, compounded by the virus, hurricane and wildfire response and civil unrest missions, have taken a toll.

Democrat Lawmakers: Conditions at Fort Hood Are Worse Than They Imagined

“I have never seen a location in worse shape or in greater need of an overhaul than Fort Hood,” said Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA).

Family of Fort Hood Soldier Suspects Foul Play In His Death

"He felt that something was going to happen," says a cousin of Corlton L. Chee, adding that his body had bruises, scratches, and a bump.