Donald Trump - Economy - White House
White House Delays Economic Update as Election Nears

Trump argues that the economy will rebound later this year or in 2021. Here's what experts say about the grim economic situation the country faces.

45% of Latino and Black-Owned Small Businesses May Not Survive the Coronavirus Economy

According to the first nationwide assessment of COVID-19’s economic impact on minority small-businesses, only 1 in 10 received the funding they requested.

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Here’s How Miami Plans to Survive the COVID-19 Economic Shortfall

At this time administrators don’t know for certain the full extent of the damage to the city’s hard-hit economy.

Cancel Student Debt During COVID-19? It Could Happen.

Student debt cancellation has grown in both popularity and political viability over the past year, and particularly so amid the coronavirus crisis.

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What Will Orlando’s Theme Parks Look Like When They Open Back Up? We’re About To Find Out

The push to open theme parks is an all-out effort to revive the Sunshine State’s hard-hit $86 billion tourism industry.

Gov. DeSantis
DeSantis To Jobless: It’s Your Fault

Frustrated Floridians report that the state’s website is routinely down for maintenance and the phone lines have been unavailable.

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Why Truckers Showed Up and Blasted Their Horns At Trump

The protest, organized by trucker Rick Santiago, was held to express truckers’ frustration over shipping rates that they say are so low that they can’t make a living.