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Our Lucha Will Never Be Over

Others might want you to stand down, avoid the good trouble: your family, your friends, the Supreme Court. As if you could.

AOC, Judge Salas, and Vanessa Guillén: 3 Attacks, No Coincidence

Ignore the role race plays in acts of violence against women, and we miss the chance to call out language that aids and abets turbo-fueled hate aimed at punishing women of color for daring to wield power.

12 Things you Should Stop Saying About Racial Injustice

A primer for non-Black folks who —finally — want to talk about racial injustice.

Six Years After Eric Garner, Black Citizens Still Can’t Breathe in America

It takes a special kind of patriotism to be Black in America. To exist in a country that does nothing about its persistent history of violent racism.

Covid-19, Florida, Lockdown, Reopening
Florida: Notes from the Front Lines of Our Post-Reopening COVID Future

How do you "reopen" when you've never really closed? And what effect will all that freedom have on all our lives? This is how my quarantine in Florida is.

Latinos solidarity to African Americans
Latinos Could Save this Country. But First, we Must Conquer our Racism Against Black Americans.

In spite of being the two most powerful voting minorities in the U.S., African Americans and Latinos have a common enemy. Hint: It is not each other.

afrolatinidad and the colorism argument, latinos, black, colorism
I Used to Identify as Afrolatina. Here’s Why I Was Wrong.

"I grew up thinking I was black because of my nose, and lips, and hair. I am Latina. I am mixed and the term Afrolatinx does not refer to me."