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Know Your Candidate (Part 2): Olga González Knows Struggle. That’s Why She Wants to be Kissimmee’s Mayor.

The Floricua city commissioner never imagined being part of the political arena after surviving a serious accident and a few evictions. Now she’s running for mayor.

And She Could Be Next: How to Watch This New Documentary on Women of Color Who Transformed American Politics

And She Could Be Next is a two-part documentary series about the movement of women who transformed American politics and airs tonight. Here's where to watch it.

Know Your Candidate (Part 1): Jackie Espinosa Wants to Be Kissimmee’s Mayor. Here’s Her Vision for the City.

The business owner is one of six candidates running for the mayoral chair in the Florida city. Two more candidates are also Puerto Rican women.

Jon Ossoff Could Become the Youngest Senator to Take a Seat Since Biden

After losing a runoff election in 2017, the Democrat contender hopes to flip the state blue and become the youngest senator since Joe Biden.

MISSING: A Massage Chair from the Governor’s Mansion in Puerto Rico

Playards, tablets, and a custom armored SUV ordered for former governor Ricardo Rosselló, are some of the property with unknown whereabouts.

Black Female Mayors Meet the Moment With Leadership Amid Pandemic and Protests

Meet the seven Black women serving as mayors in the nation’s 100 most populous U.S. cities, compared to just one in 2014. Yet, no Black woman has ever served as governor in the U.S.

Puerto Rico Wanda Vázquez
What’s Opening in PR Next Week

Beaches, Restaurants, beauty salons, car dealerships, and dry cleaners will be able to reopen starting Tuesday with limited capacity.