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Debate - Presidencial - Final
Cómo ver el último debate presidencial esta noche

El presidente, Donald Trump, y el candidato demócrata, Joe Biden, abordarán diversos temas durante hora y media.

Trump-Rally-Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Police Investigate Security Carrying Long Rifles During Trump Rally

A photo of a local senator flanked by men with rifles at a Trump rally in Puerto Rico has raised concern and prompted a police investigation.

Sen. Harris Focused on Policy Solutions for Working People During the Debate

Besides addressing students, the senator zeroed in on recent graduates and their struggle to find jobs.

Here Are the Top Moments From the Puerto Rico Governor Debate

The candidates addressed the economy, education, corruption, and public debt during the two-and-a-half hour debate.

Major Candidate Puerto Rico
Meet Puerto Rico’s Candidates for Governor

Seasoned politicians and new candidates from six parties compete for the governor’s chair in the island’s forthcoming election.

Hannity Looked Like Such a Fool When Talking About ‘Despacito’

The right-wing commentator tried to poke fun at Joe Biden and "Despacito" but ended up looking like a joke himself.

President of the Puerto Rico State Elections Commission Resigns

Juan Ernesto Dávila left office less than 60 days before the general election, but says all preparations are on track so voting can proceed as planned on Nov. 3.