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COVID-19 - Pregnant Women
Pregnant Women Are Added in COVID-19 Risk Groups

The CDC updated its list of which Americans are at higher risk for severe cases of COVID-19, adding pregnant women and removing age alone as a factor.

Image Courtesy of Ana Teresa Toro and Modesto Lacén
WATCH: I’m A New Mom. This Was My First Decision Before Giving Birth During A Pandemic.

Puerto Rican writer Ana Teresa Toro and husband, actor Modesto Lacén, welcomed their son, Nicanor, during the pandemic. Now they know he will show them the new normal.

Graphic via Desireé Tapias for The Americano
I’m a Cuban-American Mom-To-Be. This Is How I’m Preparing For A New Baby During The Pandemic.

Like many Cubans, Emma grew up separated from members of her family. She is using her 'distancing lessons' to stay closer now and welcome her baby.

Image via Shutterstock
I’m A Doula. Here’s What’s Happening to Mothers Giving Birth During This Crisis

Pregnant women are being forced to choose between solitude or home delivery due to coronavirus.