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Black, Latino Children Are Dying of COVID at Higher Rates. These Doctors Say Medicaid Expansion Can Help.

The overall number of children who have died from COVID is low, but 78% of the children who died were Hispanic, Black, or Indigenous.

Florida coronavirus map
UPDATED: This Map Shows Where Coronavirus Cases Are Spiking in Florida

Florida adds 3,650 new cases. Plus: The CDC calls dining out one of the “riskiest activities” during the pandemic.

Puerto Rico Map_PR1 (3)
UPDATED: This Map Shows Where Coronavirus Is Hitting Hardest in Puerto Rico

Gov. Wanda Vázquez announced a wide reopening that allows the use of beaches and a limited opening of gyms, casinos, and movie theaters.

Morovis-Party_Puerto Rico-Covid
Health Authorities Searching for Hundreds Who Attended Maskless Party in Morovis

A foreign company hosted a massive party at a private estate in Morovis, Puerto Rico, where attendees did not follow safety protocols. The police and health authorities on the island are searching for the revelers.

Florida Coronavirus Map
UPDATED: This Map Shows Where and Who Coronavirus Has Hit the Hardest This Week in Florida

As of September 4, 51,961 children have tested positive for COVID-19 in Florida. Cases increased after schools opened in some parts of the state.

ted cruz pregnancy abortion misinformation
Sen. Ted Cruz Gets Backlash for Spreading Misinformation About Abortion Medication

The Texas Republican claimed, against all evidence, that Mifeprex, a drug used in early abortions, is "a dangerous pill."

Restaurants in door opening in Miami-Dade
Multiple Studies Now Show Coronavirus Can Spread in the Air

As Miami-Dade restaurants open for indoor dining, new research published on Tuesday offers new evidence the disease can spread in the air.