Identity of Suspects in Missing Soldier Vanessa Guillén’s Case Has Been Revealed


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By Rebecca Aguilar

July 2, 2020

U.S. Army investigations confirm to have found no link between Vanessa Guillén’s disappearance and sexual harassment allegations made by the soldier.

TEXAS — U.S. Army officials said there is no link found between Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillén’s accusations of sexual harassment and her disappearance. Still, they have connected two suspects to her case. One has been arrested and charged, and the other one is now dead.

Fort Hood Senior Commander, Major General Scott Efflandt — one of the top officials at the base — held a press conference Thursday evening, where he stated “…events in the last 72 hours have produced significant information, allowing us to better understand the disappearance of Specialist Vanessa Guillén.” 

According to General Efflandt, the investigation has not found any connection between sexual harassment allegations and Vanessa’s disappearance, but the Army is not done with that part of the investigation. “All sexual harassment allegations are being investigated in this case as they are in every other instance because sexual harassment is categorically averse to our army values,” said the Major General.

Investigators found human remains not far from Fort Hood. Those remains have not been positively identified, but the Major General added, “When we have DNA analysis, we will share it.” 

Army Criminal Investigations Division’s (CID) special agent Damon Phelps said at the press conference they have interviewed 300 people and put in 10,000 working hours to find out what happened to Guillén.

One Suspect Has Been Identified

Phelps identified the suspect who is now dead as Specialist Aaron David Robinson of Illinois. Killeen police officers confirmed to have found Robinson early Wednesday morning, and when they approached him, he took out a gun and took his own life. Phelps also confirmed at the press conference that Robinson was not Guillen’s supervisor or superior. 

Army investigators revealed the civilian suspect was the estranged wife of a Fort Hood soldier. That woman, 22-year-old Cecily Anne Aguilar is under custody at the Bell County jail and has been charged with tampering with evidence with intent to impart a human corpse according to jail records obtained by The Americano. Her bail has not been set. 

Guillén was last seen on April 22 in a parking lot near her job at Fort Hood. Many of her belongings — including keys to her barracks and car — were found in the armory where she worked. Before she disappeared, her mother, Gloria, said her daughter told her a sergeant was sexually harassing her. 

Army investigators would not give any information on whether Guillén — a Houston native — and the two suspects knew each other; they would also not confirm details on how the soldier was killed. 

Major General Efflandt also said at the press conference Guillén’s death is a loss to everyone and claimed he is not releasing much information about the investigation because he wants to make sure those involved get prosecuted. “What I was able to share was tempered by my responsibility to protect the integrity of the investigation so we could find Vanessa…and prosecute those responsible for this travesty.”

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