The Census

Justice Sotomayor Stood Alone in Opposing the Early Census Shutdown

"The harms caused by rushing this year's census count are irreparable. And respondents will suffer their lasting impact for at least the next ten years," Justice Sotomayor said.

It’s Not Too Late to Submit Your Census Form. Here’s How to Do It Now.

The Supreme Court ruled the 2020 census deadline is now Oct. 15 instead of Oct. 31. Here's how to submit the census form before the deadline.

California, Florida, and Texas Lose House Seats With Trump Order

Trump wants to exclude immigrants who are undocumented in the country from being counted in the redrawing of U.S. House districts. These 3 battleground states will lose seats.

Why These New Census Hirings Are Becoming an Issue

A top Democrat denounces the move as an effort by Trump to politicize the statistical agency. Here's why the Census is important for Latinos.

Graphic via Desirée Tapia for The Americano
UPDATED: Census 2020: Why It Will Affect Latino Communities 

Latino, Hispanic, or Other? Make sure you and your loved ones are counted correctly. Deadline has now been extended until October 31.

Why the US Census Matters
The 2020 Census Could Decide Puerto Rico’s Future

The Census will confirm if the population of the island has significantly changed after Hurricane Maria and the recent earthquakes.

Why an accurate census is important for California
A Massive Effort Is Underway to Ensure California Latinos Get Counted in 2020 Census

The Latino Community Foundation in San Francisco is one of several groups in the state working to help connect the dots for people on how participation affects their day-to-day lives.