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Image courtesy of Aaron Ford Campaign
‘I Am the People’s Lawyer’: Interview With Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford, Part 2

In part two of our interview series with Nevada Attorney General (AG) Aaron Ford, we learn about what he does as state AG, his efforts to address public safety, and his work with Nevada’s Latino community.

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Nevada’s Murder Rate Is Down 20%, but Crime Remains a Key Focus of the Attorney General’s Race

Even as Nevada’s murder rate is down 20% this year, Republican candidate Sigal Chattah has tried to paint a dystopian portrait of the state and pin the blame on incumbent Attorney General Ford. Notably, however, Chattah opposes tougher laws surrounding the main weapon used in murders: guns.

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Informe de Aaron Ford a la Legislatura de Nevada destaca los éxitos de su término como fiscal general

“Como decimos en esta oficina, ‘Nuestro trabajo es la justicia’”, escribió el fiscal general de Nevada, Aaron Ford, en el informe. “Estoy orgulloso de que la Oficina del Fiscal General haya hecho justicia en nuestro estado”.

Mexican Journalists Aren’t Giving Up in the Face of Death and Kidnappings

Even journalists who do not report on drug-trafficking, especially women, have been victims of violence and intimidation in Mexico.

Roberto, a 24-year-old street vendor, said he continues to work because he hasn’t been able to find another job.
Being a Street Vendor Is Becoming a Dangerous Job for Latinos Across the Country

“We are good people, we come here to work. We don’t do bad things. Please help us by purchasing something.”

Beloved Activist Nilda Álvarez Took a Stand Against Femicide in Puerto Rico. Now She’s One of the Latest Victims.

As of Nov. 18th, 42 women have been murdered on the island so far this year.

WATCH: Federal Judge Esther Salas Speaks for the First Time Since Her Son’s Murder

The son and husband of an esteemed Latina federal judge were shot last month by a man who later committed suicide. Her son did not survive the shooting.