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California, Florida, and Texas Lose House Seats With Trump Order

Trump wants to exclude immigrants who are undocumented in the country from being counted in the redrawing of U.S. House districts. These 3 battleground states will lose seats.

Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Register to Vote in Florida

Latino communities, especially Puerto Ricans, are registering to vote in Florida for this year’s general election amid the pandemic.

Democrats Broke Voter-Turnout Record in Tuesday’s Runoff Election

Almost 1 million Democrats voted in Tuesday's runoff elections, despite Gov. Greg Abbott delaying the runoff election for two months due to COVID-19.

The Case for Latinos Voting Trump Out in 2020 — and Building a New Country

As an activist, organizing alongside immigrants, workers, and young Latino students in Texas, I know how critical this election is and that voting is not the only thing we can do to make a change. But it is the most basic thing we must do.

State Farm Arena Will Now Be the Largest-Ever Voting Precinct in Georgia

After a myriad of voting issues during the primary election in Georgia, a new solution is finally here to serve hundreds of thousands of voters in the primary runoff election on August 11 and the upcoming presidential election.

Drive-Thru Citizenship Ceremonies Ease Backlog, But People Worry Delays Will Prevent Them From Voting

Federal immigration agency is slowly getting back to approving new citizenship applicants, but many more face delays which could have a serious effect on the voting outcome in the presidential election.

How Jorge Pérez Is a Force in the Puerto Rican Community

After living in Orlando for more than 30 years, the inspector reflects on how the problems faced by the Latino community have evolved.