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Image via NOAA/AP.
Hurricane Iota Barrels Toward Central America, Two Weeks After Eta

Hurricane Iota would probably come ashore over areas where Eta’s torrential rains saturated the soil, leaving it prone to new landslides and floods.

Laura Has Intensified and Is Now Projected to Be Category 4 Hurricane

Evacuating amid a pandemic is also making the situation much more chaotic.

Hurricane Laura Threatens Texas and Louisiana. But There Is Risk Outside the Cone.

In Haiti and the Dominican Republic, 23 people have died as a result of Laura, which was then a tropical storm.

Flooding, Landslides, and Power Outages: Tropical Storm Isaias Is Already Bringing Horror To Puerto Rico

Storm Isaias batters the island with winds of 60 mph and at least 6 inches of rain. More than 300,000 clients across the U.S. territory are out of electricity.