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Vice President Mike Pence, leader of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, has so far tested negative for COVID-19 despite a growing outbreak within his offices.
Trump’s White House Officially Gives Up on Controlling the Pandemic

The White House Chief of Staff twice affirms that the administration has no plans to get the coronavirus pandemic under control as an outbreak grows in Vice President Mike Pence's offices.

Sen. Harris Focused on Policy Solutions for Working People During the Debate

Besides addressing students, the senator zeroed in on recent graduates and their struggle to find jobs.

President Trump Will Spend a Few Days at the Hospital After Playing Down Virus for Months

Three days after the president defended his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, the White House announced that Trump had contracted the disease he claimed to have under control.

Mike Pence says economy greatest under Trump, not true
Mike Pence Says US Has the ‘Greatest’ Economy Under Trump. That’s Not True.

Republicans at the party’s National Convention claimed they “built the greatest economy in the world." Let’s take a look at the facts.

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As His Poll Numbers Collapse, Trump Amps Up His Attack on the Election

Trump is aggressively working to undercut public confidence in the November general election. “What you're seeing is someone who's an autocrat or a dictator in action," says a presidential historian.

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What Will Orlando’s Theme Parks Look Like When They Open Back Up? We’re About To Find Out

The push to open theme parks is an all-out effort to revive the Sunshine State’s hard-hit $86 billion tourism industry.

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Face Masks—Which Are Recommended by the CDC—Are Somehow Now Political

Trump has told advisers that he believes wearing one would “send the wrong message."