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‘There Needs to Be More People Like Me’: Ilia Calderón on Why She’s Speaking Up in This Moment

The first Afro-Latina anchor of Univisión tells us how to use this critical moment in the discussion of racism and equality.

Living With COVID-19 in Puerto Rico Is No Joke. Here’s What It’s Like.

From dealing with shame and judgment to testing positive over and over again, this is what having COVID-19 looked like for one 43-year-old Puerto Rican man.

Photo by Michelle Bonkosky on Unsplash
I’m a Gay, Religious Puerto Rican. Stop Using God to Attack My Community.

A public theologian to the political class: How long will the members of the LGBTQ community need to be uncertain about being allowed to live?

Why Latinos Shouldn’t Fall for the Trap of Identity Politics

While emphasizing our otherness can give otherwise disenfranchised people a sense of purpose, meaning, and community, there is a flip side.

Your Guide to Raising Anti-Racist Kids in Today’s America

Raising anti-racist children is everyone's task, and it starts at home. Here's an invitation — and some useful tips — for all moms and dads.

All the Messed Up Things Steve King Said About Latinos That Got Him Kicked Out

Goodbye and good riddance to this Iowa legislator, a man who repeatedly said awful things about Latinos and Black people for more than 18 years.

Its not the Wrath of God. A Priest Debunks the Spiritual Meaning of the Pandemic
It’s Not the “Wrath of God.” A Priest Debunks the Spiritual Meaning of the Pandemic.

Trump's Bible Study group minister believes the COVID-19 pandemic is a manifestation of God's anger. Now, what does spirituality have to do with it?