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The Unemployment Rate May Be Recovering, but Not for Latinas

Unemployed Latinas in Florida are spending their time canvassing to make sure people vote.

Mike Pence says economy greatest under Trump, not true
Mike Pence Says US Has the ‘Greatest’ Economy Under Trump. That’s Not True.

Republicans at the party’s National Convention claimed they “built the greatest economy in the world." Let’s take a look at the facts.

DeSantis Unemployment System Florida
DeSantis Replaces Man in Charge of State’s Faulty Unemployment System

The state’s glitch-ridden system has created a backlog and Floridians could be waiting weeks for their unemployment checks to arrive.

people can't pay their bills at the end of the month
Only Half of the People Are Getting Unemployment Checks

Roughly 22 million filed for unemployment benefits in the past month — easily the worst U.S. job losses. But only 12 million people are getting the checks.

virus pandemic puerto rico healthcare
400 Healthcare Professionals Have Lost Jobs During This Coronavirus Crisis

More than 500 cops and firemen have been put in quarantine and 50% of a pediatric hospital staff will be filling for unemployment when they are most needed.