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FBI Will Investigate Homicide of 21-Year-Old Soldier Enrique Román Martínez

The Latino soldier went camping with a group from his base at Ft. Bragg and was first reported missing during the Memorial Holiday weekend.

North Carolina Sees Latino Voter Increase by 25%

The surge in Latino voters in North Carolina could make a big impact in this swing state come the November election.

Why Trump Is Moving the RNC to Jacksonville, Florida

In an unusual move due to the COVID-19 crisis and pressure from President Trump, this year’s edition of the party meeting will take place in two states.

Gov. Roy Cooper
North Carolina Governor: RNC Hasn’t Submitted Safety Plan

After Trump insists a full scale in-person convention be held in the state, Gov. Roy Cooper prioritizes safety measures.

Thomas Phillips and Caleb Parker kiss during their Feb. 29 wedding in Durham. Twelve United Methodist ministers risked discipline from the international church for participating in the same-sex wedding. (Photo by Tammy Jean Lamoureux of L'Amour Foto).
Methodists Banned Gay Marriage. But 12 of Their NC Pastors Defied the Church Together

One of the world's largest Christian denominations banned same-sex marriage. But a spring wedding in North Carolina defied the church.

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Weeks After Trump Compels Meat Processors to Remain Open, COVID-19 Breaks Out at NC Tyson Plant

A Wilkesboro chicken plant is the site of another coronavirus outbreak at a North Carolina meat plant, Vice News reported Thursday.

Graphic via Desirée Tapia for Cardinal & Pine
The Facts About Vote-By-Mail in North Carolina

In NC, any registered voter can request a mail-in ballot for any reason. Election officials predict up to 40% of ballots could be cast by mail this fall.