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Latinos Were Undercounted in the Census. Here’s Why It Matters.

Undercounted states can lose out not only on political representation and Electoral College votes, but, very importantly, on federal funding that uses census data as a base. This can have a profound impact on individuals and families.

Jill Biden Shows Solidarity With Puerto Rico’s Teachers and Healthcare Workers

The First Lady sends compassion and support to people on the island, who have deal with great challenges from the pandemic, especially those in Guánica, which were affected by earthquakes.

How Latinos Could Benefit if Biden Forgives Student Loans

More Latinos are getting college degrees, but that also means they have more student loan debt and difficulty paying it off.

A Latina Teen Organized a Black Lives Matter Protest in a Conservative Texas Town. Over 1,000 People Showed Up.

The national coverage of the Black Lives Matter protests has shown people gathering en masse in metropolitan, democratic-leaning populations. But there is more to the story.

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Puerto Rico Will Only Feed Starving Students If They Ask

As activists feeding the hungry get arrested, and children go unfed, Gov. Vázquez announced she will only reopen the cafeterias, if requested by 78 mayors.

Students all over the country have been showing their teachers how much they miss them with posters and waiting for them to drive by their houses in what seems to be caravans of love.
This Is How Teachers Show Love During Coronavirus

Students and teachers can't be with each other every day. But some have found sweet ways to stay connected and show love and appreciation beyond video chat classrooms.

Virus Outbreak English Language Learners
Spanish-Speaking Parents Struggle While Helping Kids with Homeschool Work

Distance learning has created unique challenges for English as a second language learners and their parents, who have to keep them on track despite their own struggles and lack of familiarity with the educational system.