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Todo lo que debes saber sobe el ‘redistricting’ y cómo te afecta

A raíz de los resultados del censo, la legislatura debe trazar nuevos mapas para que todos los habitantes de los distritos sean representados equitativamente.

Double Checking Your FL Voter Registration Is Vital This Year. Here’s How To Do It.

The elections are less than 35 days away—make sure all your information is up-to-date before voting.

Puerto Rican Eliseo Santana Is the First Hispanic Running for Sheriff in Pinellas County

The Latino professional wants to bring equity to the Sheriff’s Office, where he worked for 31 years.

Calladitas No More: This Young Cuban Is Tired of Waiting for Change

Ferrera is excited about the possibility of an administration that takes climate change into consideration when talking about the economy.

Biden Campaign: Trump’s Puerto Rican Relief Is a ‘Desperate Political Stunt’ to Win Voters

"No amount of money can hide Donald Trump's disregard for, and mistreatment of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria."

Puerto- Rican-Celebrities-Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican Celebrities Used to Avoid Politics. That’s Changing.

"This new generation of entertainers focuses more on taking action,” says the creator of a campaign calling for Boricuas to vote.

Republicans Against Trump Launch Project Called “Orange Crush”

The group wants to reach Republican voters, some of them life-long conservatives, who “are disgusted by the current administration.”