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Biden Order Ensures Workers Won’t Have to Risk Their Health During a Pandemic

This could result in new guidance designed to undo the Trump administration’s directive to deny unemployment benefits.

Millions in PPP Loans Went to Anti-LGBTQ Organizations

The federal government has been called out for sponsoring "taxpayer-paid hate," and letting millions of Americans and small businesses suffer while helping hate groups.

Puerto Rico governor Wanda Vazquez
Here’s How Puerto Rico Gov. Vázquez Will Distribute CARES Act Funds

Hospitals, tourism, small businesses, and individuals are some of the beneficiaries of the big relief package.

Construction workers
COVID-19 Leaves People of Color Struggling to Pay the Bills

A new poll shows 39% of Latinos and 37% of Black/African-Americans have already skipped a bill, compared to 13% of white participants.

Image via Pexels/ Jan Koprivka
CARES Act Excludes Legal Children of Undocumented Immigrants From Receiving Relief, Lawsuit Claims

A lawsuit was filed on behalf of seven U.S.-born children and their parents denied COVID-19 relief because their parents filed and paid taxes with an ITIN.

Renowned Chef Silvana Salcido
This Renowned ‘Comida Chingona’ Chef Is Rising From the COVID-19 Flames

As small business owners struggle to survive the pandemic in Arizona, renowned Chef Silvana Salcido won't quit.

COVID-19 Relief|Stock Photo
They Were Denied Coronavirus Relief Because They Married Immigrants. Now, They’re Suing.

A lawsuit was filed on behalf of six American citizens denied COVID-19 relief because they filed and paid taxes with an immigrant spouse who has an ITIN.